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The embarrassing profile pic bit The best way to get to know us is to pop in and say hi. The second-best way is to read about us below.


One of the two in charge. Judy’s been teaching for over ten years in exotic locations including India, Bali, Australia, Borneo, Brighton and London. With over 800 hours of training behind her (she’s studied everything from vinyasa flow to hatha, yin, restorative and pregnancy yoga), Judy’s own practice draws on both the physical and emotional benefits of the yoga traditions. And, as a qualified reiki therapist, she brings this focus on energy and subtlety to her teaching too.


The other one of the two in charge. Nadine’s been teaching for eight years: commuting to far flung corners of London, India and Europe to teach classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training courses. Her focus in her own practice is about finding a bit of inner-calm (quietening the voices in her head!) and she aims to share this in her teaching. Whether it’s a strong flow class or a mindful yin practice, you can expect an approach that encourages playfulness and curiosity.


The upside-down one. Alan discovered yoga in 2011 and what began as a hobby, quickly transformed into a vocation. Since then, he’s accumulated over 800hrs of training in everything from yin to rocket – and he now regularly assists David Kyle on rocket teacher trainings in Europe. Alan also leads vinyasa teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa. In his own practice, Alan can mostly be found upside-side down. In his teaching, his focus is on breath, alignment and, above all, fun.


The cool, calm and collected one. Yoga and meditation helped Kate to keep her cool through 8 years in the London fashion industry, a cycling related collarbone break and a few years as the boss of her own business too. She has a sense of calm that radiates out from her. And, as a teacher, she creates the space for you to completely let go, breathe and explore. In Kate’s classes, you’ll discover sanctuary in your practice.


The one with the wanderlust. As well as teaching yoga here in London, Sadie is an actress and a world-wide wanderer. She’s trained in Vinyasa Flow and Yin, bringing both stillness and fire to the mat. Her flow classes tend to be strong and playful - yet always meditative. She encourages you to take a journey every time you step onto the mat – to explore your own body and practise, and to have fun doing it. Expect to leave smiling… and perhaps a little sweaty.


The wellness warrior one. Annie is a yoga teacher and wellness warrior. Whilst she first came to yoga for the physical aspect, it was the philosophy that inspired her to stay. Annie’s approach is one of connection and softness. She’s passionate about helping people to slow down. Before yoga, she created lifestyle platform and brand, Mind Body Bowl - encouraging readers to tune into their individual needs and support their own wellbeing. This has carried through to her teaching. In her classes, you’ll be encouraged to listen to your own body and to discover what makes you light up.


The one with the magic potions. Suzie is a trained massage therapist, developmental baby massage trainer and natural skincare consultant - with her own organic skincare brand too (you’ll find Soothe-Me products for sale in store). She’ll be offering Baby Massage courses, aromatherapy and skincare workshops and skincare consultations for us. She’s to thank for helping us smell wonderful; creating our very own signature scent for the studio.