An oasis of calm and a virtual community

Press pause on corona-life and step into our urban online retreat. Our classes are interactive and personal. You’ll get individual assists and we always make time to chat afterwards. You’ll also get a playlist for each class so you can have music too. Here’s what to expect from an online class with us.

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What's on offer?

Flow Yoga

Breath and movement. Creative open level vinyasa flow style classes with plenty of options for everyone.

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Postnatal Yoga

Baby steps. These post-natal classes are for you and your little one. A chance to bond with your baby and build your stability and strength safely. Expect a fun and nurturing experience.

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Community Yoga

Pay what you can. These shorter 45 minute sessions are open to everyone. The style of yoga will vary each week, so keep an eye on our social media to see what’s next!

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Dynamic Yoga

Strong sequences with intermediate options. These classes are open level, but aren’t suitable for complete beginners. Inspired by Rocket and Dharma Mittra styles, amongst others, these sessions will challenge both the physical and energetic bodies.

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Flow to Restore

Move towards stillness. Part flow class, part restorative. These sessions balance effort and movement with rest and stillness - leaving you fully re-set and relaxed for whatever lies ahead.

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Calm in the chaos. Our meditation sessions aim to help you to get to know and train your mind – borrowing from mindfulness approaches, Buddhist philosophy and traditional yogic techniques.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a time to slooooow down. These Embodied Mama classes are a chance to reconnect with yourself and become both stronger and softer. The pace is steady and you’ll be encouraged to listen to your own intuition. Classes will offer options for each trimester and include asana, meditation, breathe work and myofascial release.

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Conscious calm. A chance to rest the body and still the mind. These relaxing classes are suitable for everyone. Expect long-held poses with plenty of props to support you in comfort and ease.

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Kids and Grown-Ups Yoga

Ideal for primary school aged kids and their grown-ups (but open to all ages), these sessions combine movement, breath and play.

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Slow down, tune in. This slow, mindful practice (holding poses for 3-5 mins) targets connective tissue rather than muscles, improving flexibility and creating space for the mind and breath too.

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For the whole self. Beginning with a sequence of deep passive stretches to open up the body, before developing into conscious active movement, these classes balance yin and yang energies.

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Yoga Nidra

Yogic sleep. This meditation practice guides you to a place between wakefulness and sleep, a hypnogogic state. A place where you can rest and relax – and set your own positive intentions.

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